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Domestic Travel Aid

PyCon Uganda is offering a Domestic Travel Aid program to assist attendees from Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern regions of Uganda with the cost of travel to attend the conference.


Apply for Travel Aid

Submitting your application does not guarantee immediate approval, as each application will be individually reviewed by the PyCon Uganda Organizing Team. Applications will be evaluated based on the information provided in the application form to determine the applicant's eligibility.

Privacy: All personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential. The data collected through this form will be used exclusively by our travel aid work team for the purpose of selecting scholarship recipients and processing travel aid. Rest assured that no data will be shared with third parties.

With our limited funds, we can't promise you will receive a grant, but if you're not sure, we encourage you to apply. If you're uncomfortable with other people knowing you received a grant, you don't have to tell them - our policy is to never publicly identify grant applicants or recipients unless we have your explicit permission.